Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alas...(not "a girl", but more like "oh no" or "golly")

With a gnarled hand, winter clutches at us one last time. Spring has begun melting its cold, frosty fetters, but he won't be foiled so easily. Yes, we had another mild frost. I had hoped it wasn't so, I thought an early spring would be not only nice, but also here. Alas, as hope deferred makes the heart sick, so an unexpected frost maketh the plants wilt. Never fear though, for spring in here. That is the last frost of the year (I hope) and now we are on to bigger and better and brighter and warmer days!

With more projects than budget, we've had to prioritize a bit. The beauty bark for the back is on hold - true, as you are thinking I haven't moved the dirt or pulled out the grass, but I'll do it soon. It is supposed to be a nice weekend. I also am prepping the area in the fragrance garden for the new pavers, but as we don't have the gravel or sand, this too is on temporary hold. To save some money I am moving the pavers that lined the fragrance garden to the side and will reuse them for the patio. (pictures to come) In their place I am putting some of the rocks left from the rock wall that used to be up front until we had that redone by people who actually know how to build rock walls. I am trying to line all of the beds in the front yard with these repurposed rocks so that they will all kinda sorta tie in together and look like someone planned it. I know it won't fool anyone who really knows what feng sui is or even the designers out there, but since you can't fool everyone all of the time, you gotta to try to fool some people some of the time.
I did tie up the raspberries and weeded them. This rebar was used on the front fence, but as it doesn't need it any longer, the rebar is being repurposed. This year we should have a much bigger and better crop. Last year was the first year for them and they did much better than expected. Lucy and Helen enjoyed eating them (ripe or not) and should enjoy them again this year.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! That frost looks quite heavy. :( I don't understand why spring hasn't just beat up winter already and made it leave! "Fragrance garden" - that phrase sounds wonderful! What a wonderful garden that would be to linger in!

    1. Sadly, it is only a name. A small 20 X 15 area where all of the plants are fragrant and there are some chairs to sit and close your eyes pretending it is much nicer. It sounds nice though, like a kitchen garden, the west wing garden or even the yew alley. Someday...