Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter & a truly spring weekend...

As it is Easter weekend, Lucy and Helen wanted to show their easter sunday dresses. As usual, they match (I'm not sure how, but this happens quite a bit)

All of the usual spring flowers are coming out to show off. 

To add some life to our window boxes, I decided on some violas. We had some in a large pot and they did really well all year long, so I'm hoping we can have an extended bloom here as well. As long as I don't forget to water them, they should do well.

This was also a good weekend for wrapping up projects. I had prepared this area (the paver patio on the right) over the last few weeks, so this weekend we actually laid the gravel, sand and pavers. This is the third one I've done, so it definitely gets easier each time. I actually measured and cut everything right the first time and there were no surprise endings!

I also bought and put up our cedar arbors. Then we planted the roses (they are the small plants on either side of the arbors) that will eventually climb the arbors and add some color. I will plant some purple clematis, but they aren't in the nurseries yet. Then we spread new bark around to add that little somethin' somethin' - that last little touch.

Last, but not least, this is our first bouquet of the year. It is an assortment of daffodils, and not too lively, but it is enough to qualify as the first of many!


  1. Those Easter dresses are beautiful. And they look so happy, posing with their babies. :) I am SO impressed with the arbor! Wow - it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see them this summer when the roses bloom.

  2. I just love spring! as flowers are blooming as well as it is a sign of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.

  3. Beautiful girls, so adorable in their dresses.

    Spring is looking beautiful, love the bouquet.