Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sowing my wild ... flowers

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she realizes that there may be lots of bright crayons in the box, but he or she isn't won of them. There may be sharp tools in the shed, but no luck their either. Today was one of those days for me.
In the effort to save effort, I decided that it would be better to lay cardboard and throw dirt on top instead of rototilling the area to prepare the way to sow my wild - no not my wild oat - my wild poppies to be exact. So with the best of intentions I laid out all of the cardboard from our recent swingset purchase and some from past purchases. Then I wheeled dirt from the front yard to the back. Then I wheelbarrowed more dirt from the front yard to the back. Then I carried more dirt from the front yard to the back. The cycle went on and on with small breaks pushing Helen on the swing whenever I walked past. Tired and worn out I then realized my mistake. It would have been much easier to walk behind a rototiller and let it to all the heavy lifting. Yes, this is another shining example of mind over matter. (using  your mind instead of thinking about what matters)
As Pumbaa so nicely put it (yes the one in the lion king) "You've got to put your behind in the past!" So now comes the good times. Throw seeds here. Toss seeds there. Hither and yon, yon and thither. Like the sower going forth, care not what the ground looks like or what birds are watching, just scatter the poppies and expect great results!
Well time will tell if this is the best way, but I hope to have poppies galore before the dogs are able to dig and eat them all!

contemplating evil....


  1. Well, I hope all your poppy seeds come up! They will look so pretty! I always try to do things the "easy" way, too, although sometimes that doesn't end up being so easy! :) Your children are adorable. Happy Easter!

  2. The poppies will grow there! Do you find tilling grass difficult? Our grass could care less how much it gets tilled, it just keeps growing - much easier to use the cardboard method.

    1. Tilling isn't that difficult. it just seems to take a long time and I usually find lots of stuff to hit and cause trouble. The grass does like to come back, but tilling gives the new seeds a fighting chance!