Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Post... a bit early...

Today started rainy but ended very nice. I was planning on a spring post on Wednesday, but as it is supposed to be rainy and windy, I will jump the gun and do it now. Spring isn't here if the sun refuses to play along, but when it does, it is a whole new world out there. It is like in the movies or books when someone like Mariana looks out and life is a weary, a weary I think that I shall die; then the sun peaks through (although it is usually the beautiful young lady walks is slow motion) and then it becomes the maddest merriest day in all the new year. It is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the party and start spreading sweetness and light and seeds.
That is how I felt coming home. I knew there were real jobs to be done, but I wanted just to walk through all of the flowers and bask in the sun. While doing that, plenty of small tasks come to hand like weeds that are trying to impose their frightful regime or rock that have strayed from their moorings and need re-anchored. There is always a plant or two that needs a little love and others that need encouragement.
New life seemed to be popping up everywhere!


The tall one is a peony tree that I thought was no longer with us, but it decided to stick around. The others are peonies that I split last fall/winter. New red shoots are starting to show!

Doesn't it look nicer with sunshine!



The Garden... Imagine the possibilities

More helebore



bleeding heart

After all of that goodness and life, here is death row or perhaps the green mile. My wonderful wife has given the presidential veto to the continued existence of house plants. A few, a very few have made the cut, but this bedraggled bunch didn't live up to her lofty expectations. So they sit here awaiting new homes. I think a neighbor will take the calathea and the rubber tree. The peace lily is looking a little down and out so he may be a little harder to place. I'd look sad too if someone didn't want me, though, so I can't blame him. In all truth, they didn't fit in with the new addition, but I would rather have a junglesque feel to the home and my wife likes plants happy, healthy, and far away. Alas, this is her domain and the executioner shall be called for. Well, I can always visit them in their new homes.

Happy Spring to one and all!


  1. I'm not very good with house plants. I do love African violets, though - I guess because they bloom! Your daughter is adorable! And yes, spring is wonderful when the sun actually shines. Your hellebores and heather look beautiful. And the red shoots of the peonies hold lots of promise to come!

  2. You are a good husband to leave the domain inside to your wife's discerning eye. After all, you have your olive plants around your table! And she is a fruitful vine. What more could a man ask for!